Crazy Hair Day

There were some very crazy hairstyles in room 5 today!!

We have been working hard all week to get a good report from the yard each day. Today we got our final sticker which meant we had a lovely easter party AND went out with bubbles and chalk for a while!

I hope everyone has a lovely Easter and we’ll see you all back on Monday 29th 😊


ASW Day 5

We finished off our Active School Week with a whole school dance party in the yard!

Lorraine Jackson came back in and we all did the dances we learned earlier in the week together. It was great fun and the weather made it even better!!

A big thank you to al of the parents, grandparents and minders who helped with scooters, going to the field and active homework all week!

Can you spot Pshemeck with the best view in the place?? 😅

ASW Day 4

Today we had games over on the Tara Court green. We all had loads of fun and came back to School exhausted!!

A huge thank you to all the adults (and siblings!!) who came with us to cheer us on! Congratulations to Anna’s Dad for winning the adult sack race 😅

We had a lovely picnic lunch out in the sun when we got back to school.